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posted on: 2004-11-10 @ 10:50 a.m.
i dont want to jinx things but since the bastard ended things life is really good. sure i spent two weeks completely lost but then good things started to happen all at once and now i feel like us breaking up was the best thing that has ever happened. im no longer in a relationship with a bastard, i have a lovely new boyfriend and ive got a new job in london so i finally have a bit more money. i had my hair done and i passed my driving test. i walked out of where i used to work, gave no notice, just said im not coming back, bye. ive always wanted to do that. there was no point carrying on working there with him there and people constantly asking if i was alright. i wanted to staple their mouths together. im actually in a relationship where the guy doesnt make me feel like shit. he makes me feel good about myself and im falling for him.

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